You’ll be glad to know that

Each of our suites includes

A Kitchen

If you’ve been on a long, winding vacation or if you’ll be staying with us for awhile (on business, preparing for a wedding or just touring some of the larger cities nearby) you’ll enjoy the option to shop at local markets and cook for yourselves.

With a coffee maker, teapot, toaster oven, microwave

Every suite’s kitchen is fully equipped to make cooking or warming up a breeze.

and a full-sized stove with oven and a full-sized refrigerator

We know how frustrating it can be to cook on a one burner stove or to preserve your yoghurt cups and doggy-bag dinner in tiny hotel-room refrigerators filled with Bloody Mary mix and $10 candy bars. If you want to stock up on fresh foods from Amish country, you’ll have plenty of space to keep them until it’s time to take them home with you.

and dishes, silverware, cooking pots, kitchen utensils & hand-towels

We provide what you’ll need.

A Private Bathroom

Each of our suites has a full, private bathroom. You won’t be sharing with your hosts or the guests down the hall.

with a shower

Our suite bathrooms (because of the restrictive nature of squeezing things into small rooms in a historic house) only have showers, no bathtubs.

and towels

Our towels are laundered with natural, bio-friendly and unscented detergents that are good for you and for our Lancaster County environment.

and organic soaps

We enjoy organic soap (and knowing that we’re avoiding harmful chemicals that are in most other non-organic cleansers) so we think you will too. Plus they smell really good.

Other Stuff

Even though our home is old and historically accurate, you’ll be glad we’ve made available the following modern amenities for your comfort.

A library full of books and videos (The common area for both suites)

Your hosts love books. In the common area, the old general store portion of the home, the walls are lined with shelves that are filled with them. You’re free to browse the shelves and read on our overstuffed leather furniture. The common area also has a great selection of DVDs and VCR options which you may use on your own devices in your suite or on a TV.

Homemade granola and local Amish yogurt

Barb Musser’s delicious, organic, healthful, gluten-free granola and local Pequea Valley Yogurt may be purchased and placed in your kitchen for easy, quick breakfasts. Just let Barb know.


All suites are fully air-conditioned with a central air system. You control the temperature.

Wireless internet

If you’re traveling for business or simply need to stay in electronic contact with your people, you’ll be able to use our fast internet connection from your own laptop.

Off-street parking and a barn for bicycles

We have plenty of off-street parking that’s safe and well-lit. We also provide a safe place for bike enthusiasts to store their bicycles over night.

Private entrances with locks and keys

You’ll enjoy the freedom to come and go without disturbing other guests or your hosts.

Laundry service is available

If you’ve had a long vacation or if you’ll be staying with us for more than a few days, we are glad to wash your clothes in our beloved Swiss washing machine and hang them to dry. Ask your hosts for prices.