Musser Family

Two Musser brothers, Hans and Yost, sailed to Philadelphia from the Rhineland Valley in Germany in 1722 and started farming in Lancaster County even before the Amish arrived. Mussers have been living and farming and getting married and raising kids in Lancaster County ever since.
The innkeepers are Rob and Barb Musser. The Mussers have been restoring their home and having bonfires and turning ice cream on the property since 1986. When they aren’t hosting guests, Rob works as an attorney; Barb gardens, quilts and thinks up adventures for herself and grand-daughter Lou. Their children are grown but 56 Main Street is still home to Dosie, their Golden Doodle who keeps things lively.
When Rob and Barb take a vacation it is either to the log house in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania or on hiking vacations to places like Norway and Patagonia where you can drink water out of streams and breathe the cleanest air in the world. They are hoping to visit Croatia and Turkey on their next hiking vacation.