“Organic” is important to us and it means that we:

Wash with organic detergents

Every sheet or towel you use at our house will have been laundered with natural laundry soap and non-chlorinated water from our well.  There are no chemicals or bleaches. If you have allergies, you will be happy to know that our laundry soap is unscented.

Clean with organic cleaning products

We never use chemical cleaners on our kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms; all surfaces are cleaned with Norwex micro-fiber cloths (contain silver which makes them self-sanitizing!)  and with  natural, earth-friendly & organic Norwex products that are safer for you and safer for our beautiful Lancaster County farmland. Barb Musser is a consultant for the Norwex Company and their amazing products may be purchased directly from her online at  www.barbaramusser.norwex.biz

Garden organically

We never use chemicals in our gardens, flower beds or lawns. It’s safe for you and your children to walk and sit and sniff the plants on our property.

Recommend local organic farms

If you have chosen an organic, vegan or vegetarian lifestlye we can recommend places to shop and local restaurants that will satisfy you. You can also cook in your suite’s kitchen to fit your dietary restrictions or preferences.